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Cosun Biobased Products

Cosun Biobased Products offers biobased solutions. Our activities range from development to manufacturing and supply of biobased functional chemicals. The backward integration results in direct access to our raw materials. This security of supply is only one of the aspects we bring into partnerships.

Cosun Biobased Products is well placed to take advantage of the upcoming biobased economy with a consistent strategy and the development of innovative biobased chemicals and materials from renewable, vegetable resources. This is achieved by ensuring optimal value creation, no waste (closed loops) and the lowest energy input.

The development of biobased solutions for various markets is an ongoing process.
The present portfolio includes a green antiscalant for various industrial applications, natural fibers used in many different industrial products, special sugars for application in cosmetic and personal care products, organic acids and biobased chemical building blocks and plasticizers.

For contact information and more details, visit www.cosunbiobased.com