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Cosun Research & Development (R&D)

Processing food ingredients in industrial processes demands specific know-how. And Cosun has got a lot of it in-house. At the request of the business groups and preferably with customers, Cosun Research & Development constantly works on improving production processes and developing innovative product concepts. And it goes further than answering customers' questions. Cosun takes its own initiatives to create value from the raw materials it processes. To do so, Cosun R&D works with universities and other knowledge centres at home and abroad.
Cosun Research & Development is Cosun's knowledge and expertise hub for product development, process technology, analysis and research. It also has its own Info Centre and invests in knowledge management. We have research laboratories, test centres for process analysis and our own 'kitchen'. Our professionals are keen to tell you about all the activities we carry out.
Are you ambitious and eager to learn? Send your open application for a work placement (letter + CV) via the red application button at werken bij Cosun - Cosun als werkgever - open sollicitatie or take a look at our current vacancies at Cosun and its business groups, to apply directly: werken bij Cosun - vacatures.