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Cosun Research & Development (R&D)

The industrial processing of arable and horticultural crops and their application in food ingredients calls for specific expertise. Cosun has a lot of specialised know-how in-house. Cosun R&D combines all Cosun’s knowledge and expertise. It works for and on behalf of the Cosun business groups (Suiker Unie, Aviko, Duynie, Sensus and SVZ). Our colleagues at Cosun R&D coordinate the research, support, knowledge and development activities within Cosun.

Cosun’s ambition is to enhance the development of biobased concepts, products and applications in the food and non-food industries. Cosun R&D also actively takes initiatives to create added value from the raw materials processed by the Cosun business groups (sugar beet, potatoes, chicory, fruit and vegetables). By-products are used to extract various materials for animal feed and energy generation applications. Cosun R&D works closely with universities and other knowledge institutions in the Netherlands and abroad.

Cosun R&D specialises in two types of activity: Support & Improvement on the one hand and Development on the other. Support & Improvement supports and improves existing products and production processes. In cooperation with the Cosun business groups, Development initiates and oversees the development of new product concepts, production processes and the sustainability of current and future production facilities.

Together with Cosun Biobased Products, Cosun Innovation and the IRS, Cosun R&D is housed in the Cosun innovation center in Dinteloord (located between Rotterdam and Breda). The Cosun innovation center has state of the art research laboratories, a pilot factory, application laboratories and conference facilities.

Are you a driven, creative, experienced and talented R&D specialist who feels at home in a multi-project environment? For more information, visit werkenbijcosun.nl or check the article on Cosun R&D: Innovaties in de agrarische sector