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Cosun innovation center

All Cosun business groups are working on innovation of their own products and processes. Results can often be achieved faster by working together; a good reason to facilitate and stimulate researchers to collaborate and exchange knowledge.
It is increasingly easy for R&D-professionals to contact each other, even over large distances. Nevertheless, it is useful to also offer them the possibility to meet in person and work side by side. In view of the importance of R&D for the future of our group, a building has been designed that provides researchers and developers all the necessary facilities. The name that adorns the facade is Cosun innovation center.
It is situated in the Nieuw Prinsenland agrofood cluster near Dinteloord, in the West-Brabant region. The companies in this business park next to the sugar factory operate in the agrofood sector.

Cosun innovation center offers flexible workstations for over one hundred R&D professionals and hospitality to colleagues from all the business groups. It houses the activities of Cosun Research & Development, Cosun New Business & Innovation, Cosun Biobased Products and the IRS (knowledge institute for optimisation of beet cultivation in the Netherlands). IRS uses its own Beetlab located across from the main building.

The innovation center has various laboratories (analysis, product development, microbiology and non-food), a fully equipped room for sensory research, twelve meeting rooms and an in-house pilot plant. This plant enables production at a scale that exceeds the possibilities of a laboratory environment but is smaller than a 'real' factory.

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