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Fibres and more....

Oil-based plastics can be reinforced with natural fibres. Substituting part of the mineral oil with biobased materials makes these innovative plastics stronger and lighter, opening up many new opportunities to use them, for example in car seats, dashboards and bumpers and computers and telephones. Working with companies that are interested in such innovations, Cosun is investigating the use of plant fibres in recyclable plastics. It is contributing its knowledge of plant fibres and its efficient extraction techniques.
Together we achieve more, especially when we are developing new techniques to make smart use of all the available materials, such as residual products from the fruit and vegetable processing industry. Cosun is participating in the BIOCAB alliance to make smart use of all the available plant material. The BioFib project is seeking to extract fibres from residual flows so that they can be used in a wide range of high value applications.
Cosun is also participating in another BIOCAB project, the BioNPK project to find smart ways to recover nitrogen, phosphate and potassium from residual flows and thus close the mineral cycle.