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Suiker Unie

We sweeten life
Suiker Unie processes more than six million tonnes of sugar beet into granulated sugar in its factories every year. The business group pursues the highest standards of quality and sustainability throughout the supply chain: from cultivation of the sugar beet to delivery of the sugar and other products to customers at home and abroad.

In the Netherlands the sugar beet are processed at the factories in Dinteloord and Vierverlaten. The specialities factory in Roosendaal produces chiefly liquid products and that in Puttershoek makes dry specialities. A third factory produces sugar in Anklam in the northeast of Germany. From its home market in the Netherlands, Suiker Unie is expanding its sales operations chiefly in northwest Europe.

Most of the sugar is sold to the processing industry as an ingredient for soft drinks, confectionery, desserts and ice cream, cakes and baked goods. Suiker Unie's consumer products, such as sugar cubes, syrup, icing sugar and brown sugar, are sold under the Van Gilse brand name through supermarkets and other retail outlets.

Improving the sustainability of its processes and products is a daily task for Suiker Unie. Royal Cosun’s sustainability programme is based on three pillars: Stakeholder Stewardship, Sustainable Sourcing & Agriculture, and Environmental Sustainability. Suiker Unie extracts everything it can from the sugar beet, including granulated sugar of course. The fibres that remain (pulp) are turned into animal feed or supplied to the biomass digester to produce green gas. Minerals and calcium are recovered and returned to the fields. Sand and clay are used to build roads and to raise farmland. Even CO2 and purified process water can be used in greenhouses. For specific applications in the fermentation and other industries, Suiker Unie produces thick juice and molasses.

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