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Corporate Social Responsibility

Cosun is a sustainable business. With more than a century behind us, we've proven our green credentials. Even before sustainability became a trending topic, we were at the forefront. This natural leadership means we don't often talk about our corporate sustainability but we are always working hard on it.

Cosun works with farm produce and is an expert in processing it on a large-scale using advanced technology. It's no surprise that we give priority to sustainable growing techniques and efficient processes to minimise waste and unnecessary environmental harm. Read, for example, what we are doing to optimise our production processes, make more efficient use of energy, the substantial investments Suiker Unie is making to produce green gas from plant residues and the progress Aviko is achieving on many fronts to raise the production of chips to an even higher level.

Cosun operates in the food industry. Adequate and high quality food is a basic necessity for a healthy life. We are proud of the contribution we are making. Yet we are also aware that the abundant and affordable supply of food can also have less desirable outcomes. If the balance between eating and using calories is disturbed, obesity can be the result.