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Sustainable growing

Sustainable cultivation is not one of Cosun's core activities. Yet we devote a great deal of time and effort to it because our cooperative has its roots in arable farming. Together with our growers, we enhance the sustainability of our raw materials in the interests of the sector and the environment. Our businesses have specialists in-house to help the growers make their crops more sustainable. They do so directly by providing advice and indirectly through methods to measure sustainability. Read more about Suiker Unie's ambitions with Unitip, how Sensus is working with growers to make chicory production more environmentally friendly and how SVZ is investing in local red fruit growers.

Sustainable food production starts with the cultivation of the crop. The Skylark Foundation has been working for more than ten years on making food production more sustainable. More than 350 arable farmers and more than 50 businesses in the agrifood industry, including the Cosun business groups Suiker Unie and Aviko, have joined forces in Skylark. By sharing their know-how and experiences, they can make an even bigger contribution to sustainability.