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Programs and projects

Cosun is not a name you come across every day. It's not a famous brand you'll see on packagings. Aviko is well known in supermarket freezer cabinets for its chips and potato specialities. And a little further up, Van Gilse presents a complete range of sugar products, from cubes to syrup. But this is only a very small part of what we do. Most of what we make is used in other products.
Cosun is a link in the chain from farm gate to plate. We bear our responsibility for an economically vital sector, for sufficient, high quality food and for new applications that make society more sustainable. And we are proud of the role we play in the local communities in which we work. Even though we are rarely in the spotlight.
Together with our suppliers and customers, we are working on sustainability. Our production processes are environmentally friendly, our products are safe and our waste is kept to a minimum. By joining forces we can make even more improvements.