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People make the difference

Cosun's businesses are driven by large-scale high-tech processes. The machinery has steadily grown in size and the number of production workers has fallen sharply over the years. But appearances can be deceptive: it is still our people who make sure enough raw materials are supplied, that the factories operate efficiently and that unexpected problems are solved quickly. Behind the scenes, they make sure that everything runs smoothly and answer customer queries promptly and correctly. Some are thinking up new applications, improving the processes and dealing with logistics. Others are keeping the accounts, supplying information and providing support services for their colleagues.
Cosun invests in its people. We recognise the value of training and education to increase know-how and skills and keep them up to date. Physical and mental fitness is a precondition for a healthy and efficient workforce. People want to be involved in the bigger picture and be proud of their business. Fit, motivated and qualified staff are the backbone of Cosun's success.