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Corporate governance

Good employment practices, integrity, respect, oversight, transparent reporting and accountability are the key elements of Cosun's corporate governance policy. They also underpin the relations between the members of the cooperative, the Board, the Supervisory Board, the Executive Board and the staff.

Cosun observes and applies the NCR Governance Code for Cooperatives with the exception of a number of principles and provisions. A revised version of the NCR Governance Code was issued in June 2015. To avoid misunderstanding, the management board at Cosun is known as the Board.
Provision of information and accountability
Our members require specific information in their capacity both as members of the cooperative and as suppliers of our sugar beet. Cosun prefers to inform its members and involve them in the developments within the cooperative primarily through its own channels. The degree of openness offered to the representatives elected by the members to the Members’ Council (comparable with an Annual General Meeting of Shareholders) is greater than that offered to, for example, the anonymous shareholders of a listed company. This information is accordingly not made public. Neither is the information provided in the annual district meetings, which are open only to Cosun’s members.

We also share information on our activities and how we conduct business with all our stakeholders and interested parties through this website and through other channels. Our financial and social reports are available on line at www.annualreport-cosun.com.