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Royal Cosun is a cooperative of some 9,000 beet growers in the Netherlands and has a rich history. The sugar beet the members grow are supplied to Suiker Unie and processed in its factories.

The board
The Board is responsible for the management of the cooperative and has final responsibility for the formulation and implementation of policy for the Cooperative and all the Royal Cosun companies. The Board has nine members, three of whom are not members of the cooperative.

Dirk (D.H.) de Lugt Chairman
Arwin (A.W.) Bos Vice-Chairman
Adri (A.J.B.P.) Bossers Member
Ben (B.R.) van Doesburgh    External Member
Ger (G. ) Evenhuis                          Member
Marianne (A.A.C.M.) van den Hoek-Huybregts Member
Freek (F) Rijna                                           External Member
Jan (J.H.D.) Voncken                                           Member
Sander (S.) Wijkstra                                            External Member
Maarten (M) Boudesteijn             Secretary

The supervisory board
The Supervisory Board supervises the policy of the Board. As an independent body, it advises the Board and the Members’ Council on its own initiative and when requested. Together with the external auditor, it examines the Cooperative’s annual accounts. The Supervisory Board has six members, two of whom are not members of the Cooperative.

Jakob (J.) Bartelds Chairman
Johan (J.L.) van Driel Vice-Chairman
Theo (T.P.) Koekkoek Member
Pieter (P.J.) van Maldegem Member
Edwin (E.H.W.J.E.) Michiels Secretary
Jacqueline (J.P.) Rijsdijk External Member
Hans (H.) Huistra External Member

Members' council
All the Royal Cosun District Committees together form the Members’ Council. The Members’ Council elects the members of the Board from the list of candidates put forward by the Board, and elects the members of the Supervisory Board from the list of candidates put forward by the Supervisory Board. It also adopts the annual accounts, the Articles of Association and the regulations on the recommendation of the Board. The Members’ Council is also consulted by the Board on various matters.

Youth Council
The Youth Council is the breeding ground for management talent within the cooperative. The members of the Youth Council represent aspiring and young members. Local district and section managers nominate one or more members of the Youth Council. Together they form the national Youth Council.