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Cosun Principles

Cosun is a cooperative, a manufacturer of food and non-food products. The group companies recognise their responsibility for the impact of their activities on our members and staff, on our customers and consumers and on the environment and people living near our sites.

Drawing on our social responsibility and our standards and values, we have defined and explained the principles that guide our actions. The Cosun Principles provide guidance to our managers and staff when making ethical decisions or resolving difficult dilemmas. The Principles are known to all our directors, managers and staff. We hold each other responsible for observing them. All our business partners and other stakeholders can hold Cosun to account for its application of them.

Cosun offers staff several convenient ways to report suspected abuses of its Principles. One is the whistle-blower scheme; another is the Cosun Speak Up line for staff who –­ for whatever reason ­– are unable or unwilling to report abuses through internal channels. They can use the internet or telephone to report abuses, in their own language and anonymously if they wish.