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Regulation on reporting (suspected) misconduct

Cosun wants to act honestly and with integrity, in compliance with the law and Cosun's principles. That's why Cosun offers the opportunity to report any wrongdoing or suspicion of wrongdoing. Cosun encourages people who have reasonable grounds to suspect that abuse exists within Cosun to report it (anonymously if necessary). In this way, Cosun can prevent such abuses or take measures to stop them.
Do you suspect or witness abuse? Speak up! By reporting a (suspected) wrongdoing you give Cosun the opportunity to take action.
Reporting a (suspected) wrongdoing can easily be done in the following way:

Detailed information about the Cosun SpeakUp service and the contact details to consult SpeakUp can be found in the regulation reporting (suspicion) of abuses. For the regulation click here.