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Who we are

Cosun is rooted in Dutch arable farming. And we are proud of it. More than a hundred years ago a group of beet growers decided to set up their own sugar factory. Their green-fingered enterprise is woven into the DNA or our businesses and into the fibre of our cooperative.
We still process the sugar beet harvest in the Netherlands but we have also developed other activities in the 'green' sectors. That is where our affinity lies, and our ambitions. We make foodstuffs and food ingredients. Developments in the biobased economy offer new opportunities to businesses that have know-how and experience in processing renewable raw materials, especially outside the traditional food sector. New products and activities include bio-plastics, natural colourings, aromas and flavourings and biofermentation to generate energy.

Cosun is a cooperative of Dutch arable farmers who grow sugar beet. The farmers are members of the cooperative and elect representatives from among their own ranks to manage and run the group. They share in the cooperative's profit by means of the price they receive for their beet.

We are also a group of businesses of varying size and age. What they have in common is their experience in and dedication to the efficient processing of agricultural raw materials into valuable products and components for other businesses.

Cosun's five business groups are Aviko, Duynie, Sensus, Suiker Unie and SVZ. Cosun Research & Development provides services to the business groups and their customers by sharing its know-how and experience in process technology, product development, analysis techniques and quality issues. Cosun Biobased Products is a start-up business that develops products for the bio-based economy.