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Aviko interested in Nestlé’s potato activities

14 May 2004

This is a joint press release by Aviko and Nestlé Nederland.


14 May 2004 – The managers of Nestlé Nederland and Aviko today informed their workforces of Aviko’s interest in part of Nestlé Nederland’s potato activities.  Talks are being held with regard to all of Nestlé’s potato processing activities at its production site in Venray and the sale of potato products to third parties (including customers in the industrial channel).


The proposed transaction fits excellently into Aviko’s strategy. If acquired, the above potato activities would be transferred to Aviko’s subsidiary company, Rixona. Rixona would thus strengthen its position as European market leader in the production of potato granules for the snack industry. It would also increase its position as a manufacturer of potato granules and flakes for the European foodservice and retail markets.

Nestlé’s strategy is to increase its focus on the production, marketing and sale of higher added value products. The production and sale of industrial products and semi-manufactures no longer fit the strategy. The marketing and sale of Nestlé’s branded potato products (for example MAGGI) will continue to be performed by Nestlé Nederland and its sister companies and are not included in the talks with Aviko.

The two companies will consult their respective works councils as soon as more certainty emerges from the talks about a possible transaction.

Profile of Royal Cosun
Royal Cosun is an international cooperative business engaged in the production and sale of natural foodstuffs and ingredients. Its home market is the European Union. The group realises an annual turnover of € 1.3 billion and has an average workforce of 4,325. (www.cosun.com)


Profile of Aviko
The Aviko group is a member of Royal Cosun. It is one of the largest manufacturers of potato products in the world, commanding 20% of the European market. (www.aviko.nl)

Profile of Rixona
Rixona, a subsidiary of Aviko located in Warffum, the Netherlands, is a specialist in the production and sale of potato granules. Rixona is the European market leader in the production of potato granules for the snack industry.

Profile of Nestlé
Nestlé Nederland is a member of the international food group, Nestlé S.A. of Switzerland. The group has more than 500 locations in 83 countries and over 250,000 employees. Nestlé Nederland has a workforce of more than 1,200, located at five production sites, a distribution centre, a laboratory and a head office. Consumers know Nestlé principally for the brands MAGGI, NESCAFÉ, KITKAT, LION, Nestlé Ice Cream and Nestlé baby and infant formulae.

For further information, please contact:


Nestlé Nederland b.v. 
Sylvia Bus
Manager Corporate Communications
Telephone: +31 20 569 9620

Rixona b.v.
Otto van der Gronden
General Manager
Tel.: +31 595 41 6610