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Youth Council: The future's taking shape at CFTC

6 December 2011
Cosun's Youth Council enjoys keeping in touch with what is happening in the group. The future of its members as agricultural entrepreneurs is closely tied to that of Cosun itself. When the opportunity arose to take a closer look at Cosun Food Technology Centre, there was a lot of interest.

Harry Raaijmakers is responsible for Research at CFTC and showed the Youth Council members round the laboratory and the new pilot factory: 'I was overwhelmed by their interest and commitment to what we are doing here. There was no end of questions when I mentioned anything new. For us as R&Ders, it’s good to know who we are ultimately working for. And knowing that we're working on the same goals gives us a lot of satisfaction and energy.'

Jasper Roubos, secretary of the Youth Council, praised the clear explanations of what the researchers are doing. After a couple of hours' listening and looking around, he concluded: 'This is where Cosun's future is taking shape, and therefore ours as future members of the cooperative. I've learnt lots of things that I didn't know about before. It was a real boost for us. If more of the profit is invested in this kind of R&D, it's got our approval.'