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Suiker Unie reducing CO2 emissions

8 December 2011
Suiker Unie  and a number of other companies announced at the end of November 2011 that they would together reduce their CO2 emissions by more than 200,000 tonnes. Suiker Unie wants to achieve its goal by using residual heat in the greenhouses being built close to its sugar factory in Dinteloord. An agreement on the project is being drawn up with BMF, the Brabant Environmental Federation.
Suiker Unie has already taken strides towards ever lower CO2 emissions in the sugar chain in recent years. In the past 20 years, energy consumption in the sugar production process has been cut by more than 40%. The energy use to grow sugar beet has also been lowered by tens of percentage points. Priority is currently also being given to reducing emissions when the sugar is transported from the factories to the customers. The ambition is to achieve a 30% CO2 emission reduction by the end of 2014. By way of encouragement, Suiker Unie was recently awarded the Lean & Green Award.