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Digital platform for leaders working on CSR

21 September 2012
Are you interested in the CSR policies of major organisations? A new Dutch-language site, mvo-leiderschap.nl, invites leaders of industry to talk about what corporate responsibility means to them in practice. Cosun's CEO, Robert Smith, is one of the leaders to be interviewed. Click on INTERVIEWS and select Cosun to hear him explain his vision (only in Dutch).

MVO Leiderschap (Leadership in CSR) is a new and unique platform for leaders who take CSR seriously and are determined to put it into practice. The interviews last about ten minutes each and are presented in relay fashion, one after the other. They offer a unique insight into the practice of many well-known organisations and into current thinking on CSR, the problems and the dilemmas. They also highlight the personal commitment and dedication to the development of corporate social responsibility. One thing to emerge clearly from the interviews is just how urgent the issue is: the time to do things differently is now! CSR is also essential for businesses to garner the long-term public support they need to remain commercially successful. Two of the thoughts often voiced are: 'Sustainability? We have no choice!' and 'The Netherlands is lagging behind Europe'.
MVO Leiderschap is an initiative of Ruben Koerhuis (audio-video producer) and Petra Pronk (journalist). Their ambition is to inspire and inform entrepreneurs, professionals, opinion leaders and others and encourage them to put CSR to work. MVO Leiderschap will interview even more entrepreneurs and pioneers in the future so that the CSR series will grow and be further enriched over the course of time.