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Nieuw Prinsenland Sustainability Report 2011

6 June 2012
The Nieuw Prinsenland Sustainability Report for 2011 provides an open insight into the development of the Nieuw Prinsenland Agro & Food Cluster arising next to Suiker Unie's sugar factory in Dinteloord (West Brabant, the Netherlands). A sustainable production location is being created for businesses operating in or associated with the agro and food industry. The ambition is to facilitate profitable symbiosis and cooperation between businesses, not only in environmental areas but also in social and economic areas.
The Nieuw Prinsenland (only available in Dutch) Sustainability Report (only available in Dutch) has been issued by the business park's initiators: Suiker Unie and the horticultural development company Tuinbouwontwikkelingsmaatschappij (only available in Dutch). It has been issued to provide more insight into the realisation of the ambitions held for this development. A business cluster next to the sugar factory will create opportunities for new forms of cooperation and sustainability.
Cooperation can be achieved in a variety of ways. The Nieuw Prinsenland Business Association is playing its part by encouraging and facilitating the development. Examples of readily-available symbiosis and cooperation include: a network to supply residual heat to greenhouses and industrial companies, treatment of process water from the sugar factory for use in the greenhouses, a biomass digester to ferment vegetable matter into green gas and CO2 that can be used in the greenhouses.
The Sustainability Report considers these and other examples in more detail. It also describes the measures that will be taken to minimise the environmental impact and enhance quality of life.