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Novidon and CBP working together in oil market

24 October 2012
Novidon and Cosun Biobased Products are both members of the Royal Cosun group. Novidon recovers starch from residual flows from the potato processing and other industries and develops applications for use in the oil industry and elsewhere.
Cosun Biobased Products produces and sells CMI – carboxymethyl inulin – which is also used in the oil industry. The two products do not compete against each other because they are used in entirely different applications: oil companies use Novidon’s starch when drilling for and extracting crude oil. CMI inhibits the crystallisation of calcium carbonate in drilling wells and processing facilities. Both products are biobased and therefore have no impact on the environment. The two companies recognise the potential benefits of working together, particularly in response to market developments.
The two companies have therefore decided to join forces when participating in the same trade fairs, such as the international Drilling Conference & Exhibition being held in the Amsterdam RAI from 5 to 6 March 2013. And if one of them is taking part in a fair by itself, it will present the brochures and promotional materials of the other. Potential customers will thus have more opportunities to choose from the Cosun product range. 
The two companies will also work together to optimise their current product offerings and develop new products. They are currently working on a new product line with biobased microfibres for use in the oil industry.