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A taste of Aviko

21 September 2012
Aviko's 50th anniversary is a good opportunity to do something extra for the staff and customers. Especially for our contacts in the foodservice sector, we have launched a digital magazine brimming with ideas to fire professional creativity. A Taste of Aviko is full of inspirational suggestions, moving images and even a sophisticated culinary video tutorial. Every issue will have its own theme. The two issues that have already been published took the themes of ‘Terras’ and ‘Health’. The next theme will be ‘Celebrate’, with ‘Winter’ following in December.
Curious? The third issue will be published shortly. The first two editions can be read at magazine.aviko.com. As A Taste of Aviko is a digital magazine, you can share it with others. An option to share it has been especially built into the last page of the website.