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Suiker Unie and BMF sign CO2 reduction agreement

21 September 2012
Nol Verdaasdonk on behalf of the Brabant Environmental Federation and Albert Markusse representing Suiker Unie signed a CO2 reduction agreement on Friday 14 September. The agreement is the outcome of the CO2 Ambition project established by the nature and environmental federations in the Netherlands. Businesses from ten provinces are working with the nature and environmental federations to reduce their C02 emissions. Suiker Unie has set itself the goal of cutting its CO2 emissions by 7 kilotonnes by 2015.
 'Suiker Unie recognises the great importance of corporate social responsibility,' says Nol Verdaasdonk. The Brabant Environmental Federation is pleased that the ambitions have been laid down in an agreement. The partners are consulting each other to see whether other measures can be taken to realise environmental gains such as energy savings and improved soil fertility by closing mineral cycles and restoring organic matter.