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Suiker Unie en route to sustainable transport

29 May 2012
The first Suiker Unie green gas station was opened at the Dinteloord site on Tuesday afternoon, 29 May 2012. Suiker Unie has won the Lean & Green Award. The Award is presented to businesses that have set themselves the goal of reducing their CO2 emissions by at least 20% over the next five years. Suiker Unie intends to reduce the emissions from its bulk transport of sugar by 30% by 2014.

Together with Ballast Nedam, Suiker Unie has studied how its can achieve this goal. The study resulted in an advisory report entitled “Transition to cleaner and more sustainable transport”. One of the measures proposed in the report is to run trucks on LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) or CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). These vehicles drive on a blend of green gas produced from vegetable residues, and diesel oil. Suiker Unie has been producing its own green gas since the official opening of the biomass digester in Dinteloord by HRH the Prince of Orange in November 2011.
To mark the progress made with this project, Suiker Unie's first green gas station has officially been taken into use. Ahead of the opening, a series of presentations was given to explain the background, strategy and goals to make Suiker Unie's transport even more sustainable.