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Website for more sustainable food

17 April 2012
If you want to find out more about how sustainable food is produced and what producers are doing in the field of corporate social responsibility, take a look at www.duurzamereten.nl (only in Dutch). The website has been live since 12 April and is still growing in size. Its ambition is to become a source of information for everyone who is interested in sustainability and how our food is produced. Suiker Unie is one of the site's founders and has provided information on the entire sugar production process, from sowing the sugar beet seeds to delivering the sugar products to customers.
The website is the outcome of a unique partnership between the various links in the agrifood chain and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation (EL&I) known Platform Verduurzaming Voedsel (platform for more sustainable food). The participating companies are using the site to explain how they are making their products and processes more sustainable. The participants include farmers, greenhouse growers, manufacturers, supermarkets, caterers and restaurants. Suiker Unie has added information on the themes of water and soil, energy, biodiversity, atmospheric emissions, transport and raw materials and residual flows.