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Aviko Rixona to discharge directly into surface water

28 March 2013
Aviko Rixona in Venray recently stopped discharging its treated process water into the public sewer system and began discharging it directly into the Oostrumsche stream. To do so, it has modernised its water treatment facilities and process controls and Aviko has made agreements with the 'Peel & Maas Vallei' water board.
Aviko Rixona processes potatoes into granules and flakes for use in the food industry. The location in Venray extracts about 800,000 m3 of ground water every year for its production process. The spent process water is treated in stages and some is re-used to wash the potatoes. Analysis has shown that the water Rixona discharged into the sewer system was usually of high quality. Rixona therefore studied whether it could discharge it directly into the local surface water. The area around the factory often needs additional fresh water in the summer as rainfall can be very low. The additional water can be extracted from the River Maas or from the sewage treatment plants. Treated process water from a local factory is also an option, provided it is of sufficient quality. Special ecological demands are made on the Oostrumsche stream close to the Aviko Rixona factory and strict agreements have been made with the 'Peel & Maas Vallei' water board on the discharges and conditions.