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2013 Beet campaign to start on 19 September

20 September 2013
The Dutch sugar beet campaign will begin on Thursday 19 September. Suiker Unie's two sugar factories, in Dinteloord and in Vierverlaten, will then start processing the first sugar beet of the season. The factory in Dinteloord ran a thick juice campaign during the summer. Thick juice is an intermediate product that is kept in storage tanks for later processing by Suiker Unie itself or by a buyer.
The average sugar yield per hectare is expected to total 12.6 tonnes. This is slightly higher than the most recent forecast but lower than the long-term average. The yield will be lower than the average because the growth of the beet was restrained by the cold spring. Even the good summer in the past few months could not make up for this setback. Last year's campaign yielded 13.5 tonnes of sugar per hectare. It is thought that all the beet harvest will have been processed by mid January 2014.