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Chicory root fibre confirmed as dietary fibre in Canada

6 February 2013
Health Canada , the federal department responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health, has approved the classification of Frutalose ®, a Sensus product line, as a source of dietary fibres. Its decision complements one to admit Frutafit® inulin as a functional ingredient in 2006. It acknowledges that Frutalose® meets a known health effect of dietary fibre in the alimentary canal.
The Frutalose® line comprises a series of products based on oligofructose. Oligofructose is prepared from inulin derived from a natural source, chicory roots. The ingredient has exceptional functional properties and is an extremely effective sugar and fat substitute. This soluble fibre also enhances the taste and texture in a variety of applications. Food producers use inulin and oligofructose in cereal bars, breakfast cereals, baked goods, dairy products and many other applications.
For more information, see www.sensus.nl