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Cosun to appoint new Board Chairman in 2014

30 May 2013
The Members' Council of Royal Cosun has elected Dirk de Lugt (51) as the future successor to the current Chairman of the Board, Jos van Campen. The Members' Council voted unanimously in favour of the proposal on 29 May. Mr de Lugt will succeed Mr van Campen at Cosun's annual general meeting next year. Dirk de Lugt has been a member of the Board since 2003.

Jos van Campen has been re-elected for a period of one year. He was first appointed Chairman of the Board in 2003. He will no longer be eligible for re-election in 2014 on account of his reaching the maximum term of office permitted under the Articles of Association. Hans Megens, an external member of the Board, has been re-elected for a period of two years.

Mr de Lugt will use the year ahead to familiarise himself with his new position. He will assume more of Mr van Campen's responsibilities as Chairman of the Board in due course. Dirk de Lugt runs an arable farm in partnership with his brother, son and nephew with a secondary line in rose veal on the island of Texel.

Changes in the Supervisory Board
The Members' Council has bidden farewell to Bart van Halder, an external member of Cosun's Supervisory Board since 2005. Mr van Halder did not put himself forward for re-election. He has been succeeded by Jacqueline Rijsdijk (57), who was elected to the Supervisory Board by the Members' Council on 29 May. Ms Rijsdijk is a professional supervisor with more than 25 years' experience in a variety of positions at the Dutch central bank (DNB).