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Working together on a biobased future

25 June 2013
The transition to an economy increasingly based on renewable raw materials is a process of many years and much still has to be learnt on the way. Businesses, public authorities and knowledge centres are working together to build the biobased economy. By joining forces we will arrive at the destination more quickly. The biobased economy is good for jobs, the environment and critical consumers.
Several Cosun businesses are located in the southwest of the Netherlands. This area is also known as the Biobased Delta. Cosun is investing in this region in research and development [Cosun Food Technology Centre], the creation of a business park near the sugar factory in Dinteloord and the production of ingredients for non-food applications that can replace mineral oil products.
We are working with a variety of knowledge centres, such as Avans University of Applied Sciences, whose Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy plays a key role in this field, in order to encourage young people to take up a career in the biobased sector and to carry out applied research in this field. The various municipal authorities and the provinces of North Brabant and Zeeland are following developments with great interest. They are providing project grants and amending regulations to facilitate this type of innovation.
At the end of June 2013, Cosun welcomed a delegation of public officials from the province of North Brabant. They were shown around the plant in Roosendaal to see how laboratory tests and pilot schemes were working on the latest advances in the biobased application of vegetable raw materials, and how the pilot factory was working on an industrial scale on improving products that are already on the market.