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Cosun realizes considerable energy savings once more

14 August 2014
All our production processes require a great deal of energy. One of the key objectives of our sustainability policy is to save on the use of fossil energy. The target set, of an average saving of two percent per tonne of product annually, expressed in CO2 emissions, has been more than achieved in the recent period. Cosun has the ambition to continue this trend in the years to come.

Thanks to these energy savings, the CO2 emission has decreased from nearly 0.3 tonne CO2 per tonne of product to just under 0.25 tonne CO2 per tonne of product during the period 2009-2013. These numbers are the sum of the direct and indirect CO2 emissions and refer to all our production facilities both in the Netherlands and abroad.
In the Cosun CSR report you can find more information regarding our efforts and results in the field of energy savings. Our two largest companies, Aviko (available in Dutch only) and Suiker Unie, published their own reports  in which their energy saving programs were highlighted.

Royal Cosun is a cooperative. In order to decrease the energy use in the sugar chain, collaboration with our members who grow sugar beet is obvious. In this context, the increase of the yield per hectare achieved in the past decade provides substantial sustainability benefits. The more sugar can be harvested per hectare, the lower the energy consumption for the cultivation and harvesting will be.
All reports also pay attention to the social aspects of entrepreneurship, such as safety in the working environment, contacts with buyers and neighbours and societal involvement. For a first orientation, a summary of the Cosun CSR report 2013 can be found on the far right on www.annualreport-cosun.com.