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High ambitions in biobased economy

10 July 2014
Royal Cosun has been a member of the Biobased Industries Consortium (BIC) since the beginning of 2014. This European consortium consists of businesses engaged in the agrofood, chemical, energy and many related industries. Its ambition is to encourage cooperation throughout the industry in order to develop new processes, products and applications for vegetable residuals and thus contribute to the biobased economy.

BIC’s public-private partnership with the European Union gives an extra boost to the ambition of achieving a breakthrough in the use of renewable raw materials derived from agricultural residual flows.

Cosun has a great deal of expertise and experience in biorefinery processes and knows how to get the most out of its vegetable raw materials. Its membership of BIC provides opportunities to take part in developments in the biobased economy. A unique feature is that the industry itself is in control and intends to turn its knowledge into concrete processes, innovative products and new production systems. ‘The cooperation between the members of BIC and the European Union together with the financial resources that are now being mobilised,’ says Cosun’s New Business Director Gert de Raaff, ‘will undoubtedly contribute to the transition from fossil raw materials (oil and gas) to vegetable raw materials as feedstock for the chemical industry. Cosun is a specialist in the production and industrial processing of biomass. We are looking for businesses that want to replace their fossil raw materials with biobased raw materials. By working together, we can respond even better to the wishes of the processing industry.’