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Beet campaign to start on 11 September

24 August 2017
Suiker Unie’s sugar factories in Dinteloord and Vierverlaten will start turning beet into sugar on Monday 11 September. Yield and processing forecasts indicate that the campaign will last about 135 days. If so, the beet campaign in the Netherlands will end on about 25 January 2018.
Chicory campaign
Inulin producer Sensus will also start processing chicory roots into inulin, a functional food ingredient, on 11 September. All the roots will be processed in its factory in Roosendaal. The chicory campaign is projected to run until the first week of January next year.
Quality of the raw materials
Both Cosun businesses expect the yield to be above average. This is one of the reasons why the two raw materials are being harvested and processed relatively early. The risk of the roots declining in quality increases towards the end of the campaign, especially if it is a long one. This obviously has to be avoided.