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Our staff are quickly given responsibility. From production workers to managers, all employees are free to organise and carry out their work as they see fit within the agreed parameters.

Performance reviews reveal how and to what extent the work and responsibilities are in line with the agreements. Positive developments and areas for improvement are identified in order to encourage further growth and possibly promotion to a new position. We recognise two forms of growth: growth within a position and growth to a new position.

Growth within a position
Job profiles have been drawn up for most of the positions in our organisation. They set out the tasks and responsibilities, and the know-how, experience and the personal characteristics necessary for them. Applications are reviewed to select the right candidates for each profile. Employees usually have adequate growth opportunities the moment they start. The changing nature of some positions over time also presents our staff with an opportunity to grow. We help them do so with our training policy.

In addition, our staff are regularly asked to take part in projects and tackle issues outside their day-to-day work. This often gives them a chance to broaden their horizons and build up their networks outside their own departments and sometimes in other business groups. It also increases the variety of their work. And growth within a position can be the first step to growth to a new position.

Growth to a new position
Cosun supports its staff in their career development. Training opportunities and growth opportunities within a position are just two ways in which it does so.

As a matter of policy, we first look internally for a suitable candidate to fill a vacancy or join a project team. All business groups keep to this agreement. It enables staff to grow in their business group or transfer to another Cosun business.

At the same time, our Management Development System provides an insight into the capacities and competences of everyone of graduate level within our organisation. This makes it possible to search proactively for a suitable candidate for a vacancy.