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Education and development

Cosun recognises the importance of self-development. As soon as you begin, you will be encouraged to deepen or broaden the expertise and skills you have gained from your education and work experience.

Some training courses are relevant to all staff throughout the group. They are therefore arranged, organised and offered at a corporate level. Usually they involve courses and workshops for managers and graduates. The many internal training courses include ‘Cosun in Focus’, ‘Food technology for non-technologists’, ‘Project Management’ and the ‘Young Managers Programme’. In addition, we use well-known external training centres when necessary.

The food industry is known for the rapid pace of change in the market, process technology and research & development. We want to be at the forefront of the latest developments. That’s why every business group has staff with the specialised know-how and skills demanded by the nature of the business and its activities. They are often specialists with an interest in professional training courses. The courses might be provided in-company or externally. The Cosun businesses invest a great deal in the development of knowledge programmes that meet their specific needs.