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Total Productive Maintenance

Cosun runs on processes and technology. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a tried and tested method to improve a business's performance by encouraging personal development on the one hand and optimising existing equipment and processes on the other: operational excellence.

TPM seamlessly matches our corporate sustainability ambitions. It reveals losses and costs and offers ways to address them. The staff are the leading actors: they identify problems (recognition), offer solutions (acknowledgement) and are directly involved in making improvements (responsibility). The staff are the owners of their part of the process, they can intervene and make modifications and learn on the job.

All Cosun's business groups are working with TPM, especially in production areas. Specially trained coordinators at all locations in the Netherlands share their know-how and skills with their colleagues at all levels and between locations and business groups. The TPM coordinators exchange their experiences, test each other's ideas and form an expertise network within Cosun.

The results can already be seen on many fronts, in the form of expert and motivated staff, smoothly running factories with fewer disruptions, a pleasant working environment and, not least, substantial cost reductions.