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Royal Cosun is an agro-industrial cooperative. Our ambition is to optimally use the vegetable raw materials. Good for the environment, financial return and it responds to the social need for responsible products and processes. We manufacture ingredients for food, non-food applications and the chemical industry.


Annual Report Cosun 2018

24 April 2019 - Royal Cosun's Annual Report 2018 is available in PDF format. The provisional results for 2018 were published on the 14th of February this year. The final results are presented through the publication of the Annual Report 2018. There are no significant differences between the figures of February and the figures in the adopted Annual Report 2018. Read more.

Cosun: lower beet price due to disappointing result

14 February 2019 - Royal Cosun had a disappointing financial year in 2018. Its operating profit fell sharply on slightly lower turnover. Weak sugar prices placed pressure on Suiker Unie’s profit for the year, and therefore on Cosun’s. The cooperative is paying €35.59 per tonne of quota beet of average quality supplied during the campaign (2017: €45.65 per tonne). The price per tonne of surplus beet of average quality has been set at €30.72 (2017: €28.98). 2018 was not a good beet year for Dutch arable farmers as the yield was affected by the drought, too. Read more.

Maarten Boudesteijn appointed Secretary to the Board

13 February 2019 - Maarten Boudesteijn will assume the position of Secretary to the Board of Royal Cosun on 1 June 2019. He will succeed Jan Willem van Roessel, who has been appointed director of the Institute of Sugar Beet Research (IRS) as of the same date. Read more.