Strategy Unlock 25

Our goal is to unlock the full potential of plants. Our strategy Unlock25 describes how we want to achieve this. Together with our business groups we have made clear choices, and priorities have been determined to realize our vision The Plant Positive Way. With our new strategy we unlock the full potential of plants and the full potential of Cosun.
Let’s go, let’s Unlock!

We are facing major societal challenges; there is a lot at stake for the future of mankind and our planet. We believe that plants can  be the solution to these challenges. We call this vision The Plant Positive Way. We take our responsibility towards our members, employees, growers, partners, society and our planet. We contribute to limiting climate change through our portfolio and our aspirations to produce circularly and CO2 neutrally. Our guiding principles in achieving these ambitions are: plant-based, circular and transparent.

As a cooperative we can make maximum use of our position in the field. Through a strong chain and innovations, we can connect our growers with our markets, consumers and society. We add value and thus realize a sustainable revenue model for our members. This is necessary in the transition towards a future-proof, sustainable chain.

Our competences lie in collaboration, execution power and innovation. We are continuously improving. We experiment to learn and adapt quickly. Our people have the right capabilities and our organization is an inspiring environment, in which everyone can develop optimally.

Our strategy Unlock 25

What is important for our future?

Healthy performance: Continuously improving our results becomes an important part of our way of working. This provides our members with a good revenue model and Cosun the opportunity to grow.

Focussed growth: We want to grow with products that offer added value. Products that contribute to the well-being of humans, animals and a sustainable lifestyle. We focus on these four pillars: sugar beets, potatoes, sustainable lifestyle ingredients and co-products.

Chain: As a cooperative we can play a leading role in the transition to a future-proof, sustainable chain.

What do we need to achieve this?

Innovation & Partnerships: Innovation ensures growth in our portfolio, smart solutions for CO2 reduction and process optimalisation. Through collaboration we increase our innovative strength.

Our people: Our success depends entirely on our people. That is why we encourage everyone to bring out the best in themselves.

Communication: Showing who we are, what we do and especially why we do it, to optimally connect with each other and with the world around us.

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