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Royal Cosun is an agro-industrial cooperative. Our ambition is to optimally use the vegetable raw materials. Good for the environment, financial return and it responds to the social need for responsible products and processes. We manufacture ingredients for food, non-food applications and the chemical industry.


Sietse Dijt wins National Chemistry Olympiad 2018

18 June 2018 - Sietse Dijt (18) of Eelde, a sixth form pre-university student at the Maartens College in Haren (Groningen), proved the strongest of the 19 finalists in the Netherlands’ National Chemistry Olympiad 2018 and was acclaimed the winner of the 39th edition. The NSO was this year held in the Cosun innovation center in Dinteloord from 7 to 14 June. The Olympiad offered the top chemistry students from secondary schools across the country an opportunity to sample the atmosphere of the agrifood sector and work in a professional setting at Royal Cosun. Read more.

Annual Report Cosun 2017

24 April 2018 - Royal Cosun's Annual Report 2017 is available in PDF format. Read more.

Cosun in 2017: higher profit, higher beet price

8 February 2018 - Royal Cosun reports a higher turnover and a higher profit for 2017 in comparison with 2016. All business groups in the Cosun portfolio contributed to the group’s results. The improvement on 2016 was due chiefly to Suiker Unie benefiting from firmer sugar prices in the first half of the financial year. The cooperative pays €45.62 per tonne of quota beet of average quality supplied during the 2017 campaign (2016: €44.15 per tonne). The volume of beet receiving this price rose to 6.8 million tonnes (2016: 5.0 million tonnes). Read more.