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Plants offer limitless possibilities. By harnessing the unlimited potential of plants, we can help mitigate climate change, replace fossil fuels and accelerate the protein transition. We can also help meet the growing demand for healthy food and food ingredients.
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Health and happiness

Our plant-based products contribute to a sustainable lifestyle that strikes the right balance between health and happiness. Shifting from an animal-based diet to a plant-based diet is reflective of the times and is better for the environment and the climate. The switch from fossil resources to sustainable materials, replacing certain chemicals and plastics, is for example also part of a sustainable lifestyle.

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Protein transition

Plant-based proteins

Eating more plant-based proteins is healthier, more sustainable and an excellent way to help feed the growing global population. As an expert in plant-based nutrition, Cosun is committed to accelerating the protein transition.

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Towards a climate-neutral society

Biobased raw materials help us in our pursuit of a climate-based society. We extract ingredients from our crops that can The ingredients we extract from our crops can replace chemicals like petroleum in cosmetics, personal care products such as shampoo, and household cleaning agents. We use the residual flows to make animal feel and green energy.

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Value in the entire plant

Circularity and waste prevention is a guiding principle in everything we do. Together we are committed to unlocking the full potential of our crops. We use every part of the plant and recover ingredients and energy from our residual flows.

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