Protein transition

Protein from field beans

In recent decades, the world's population has started to eat more and more animal proteins, such as meat, fish, milk and eggs. In order to continue feeding the growing world population and to create a more sustainable diet in the future, a protein transition is necessary: less consumption of animal proteins and a shift to vegetable proteins. The establishment of Cosun Protein earlier this year is an important step in this direction.
30 May 2022

Experts in plant-based proteins

The Cosun vision The Plant Positive Way is based on almost 125 years of successful valorisation of arable crops such as sugar beet, chicory and potatoes. Thanks to this history and experience, Cosun has the expertise and technology to efficiently get the best out of plants and to produce ingredients in a sustainable and circular way. In recent years, Cosun has invested a lot in developing specific knowledge about vegetable proteins. Part of this development was the acquisition in 2018 of the Wageningen start-up GreenProtein, in order to create even more know-how about extracting proteins from green leaves, and the innovation programme Fascinating.

Sustainable protein isolate

Another important development is the high-quality fava protein isolate: a groundbreaking product that was launched in the first half of 2022. This product is the result of a patented extraction technology and a unique purification process. It is a plant-based protein with a neutral taste and high purity and solubility. In addition, fava is a GMO-free crop, grown worldwide and requiring very little water. It efficiently binds nitrogen and has a very low carbon footprint. This makes fava a crop that can contribute to a more sustainable future and the transition from animal to vegetable proteins in the daily diet.

Tasty solution

“With our Fava protein isolate, Cosun has developed a vegetable protein that tastes mild, even at a higher dose. The mouthfeel was also perceived as ‘soft’ and ‘creamy’ by the test panels. This makes it possible to add larger amounts of protein to a product, which greatly benefits the nutritional value.”

Marcel van der Vaart
Fava protein isolate provides the protein content and functionality needed to create a high-quality consumer product”
Marcel van der Vaart
Business Development Manager Cosun Protein

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