Sustainable innovation

Cosun strives to be a leader in plant-based innovation that contributes to a sustainable world. We work closely with external partners to achieve this ambition.

We are building an innovative ecosystem with our business groups, customers, affiliated knowledge institutes and other partners in the field of innovation, ranging from start-ups to investment funds. In addition, we are encouraging and facilitating innovation through investments and challenges. Through effective collaboration and internal and external co-creation, we can achieve our ambitions much faster.

Sustainable innovation

Cosun innovation center

At our state-of-the-art Cosun innovation center, a team of experts develops food and non-food innovations.

Cosun innovation center
Innovative cooperation throughout the chain

We have the space and the equipment to facilitate all steps in the research process. This allows us to apply innovations throughout the entire chain: from cop cultivation research, application research and sensory testing of new products to upscaling our pilot location and implementing process innovations in the production environment.

We welcome new innovative partnerships. The Cosun innovation center is a place where start-ups, scale-ups and knowledge institutes who share our vision of a plant-based future can come together.

Drone tour Cosun innovation center
Our innovations result in smart, plant-based solutions and products for current and future generations”

Innovation ecosysteem

In order to drive effective innovation, we are building an innovation ecosystem with our business groups, current and prospective customers, knowledge institutes and investors. This creates synergy in the development process and increases the chance of success.

Innovation ecosysteem

If you want to go far, go together! Do you have an innovative idea for a plant-based solution that can contribute to a more sustainable world?

accelerating innovation in plant-based solutions

In our pursuit of effective plant-based solutions, we are always looking for new partnerships and fresh talent. Examples include:

Not far from our Cosun innovation center is Inicio, which was specifically designed for the small-scale testing and implementation of new production processes. Here, we work with our partners to scale-up the production of vegetable protein ingredients, among other things.

Cosun Venturing
To further enhance our flywheel effect, we participate in Icos Capital, a venture capital fund that invests in start-ups and scale-ups in the agrofood industry. We are also a corporate partner of Startlife, a Wageningen-based foundation that helps young entrepreneurs launch their businesses. This partnership gives us early insight into fresh ideas.

Cosun participates (pro-)actively in various ‘challenges’ to work with students, startups, scale-ups and other professionals to solve innovation issues.

accelerating innovation in plant-based solutions
At the Cosun innovation center, we work hard to solve the challenges of tomorrow”
Arno Pouls
General Manager Cosun R&D