New look & feel Sensus underlines the power of chicory root

14 January 2021
Today Sensus unveils a brand new corporate identity, which symbolises the power of plants. “The new logo reflects the power of chicory root and the new corporate identity emphasises our ambition to make the world healthier with inulin,” said Iwan Blankers, CEO Sensus.

Dietary fibre: inulin

The power of chicory lies in the root of the plant, where the dietary fibre inulin is stored. The inulin from the roots is used as an ingredient in food products, supplements and pet food. Inulin replaces sugar and fat and enriches food products with fibre. Inulin also has a prebiotic effect; it stimulates the growth of good bacteria in the gut. And a healthy intestinal flora has beneficial effects on your immunity.

Shared vision

The new visual identity of Sensus, which is an extension of the corporate identity introduced by Cosun at the beginning of last year, will be implemented in various communication media in the coming period. “We congratulate the Sensus team with the new look & feel. From the shared vision, there is of course already a strong substantive connection and this is now also visually reinforced. This showcases the close collaboration within the Cosun organisation to jointly secure a sustainable, plant-based future”, confirmed Albert Markusse, CEO Cosun.

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