Cosun Nutrition Center officially opens its doors as knowledge center on nutritional science for plant-based food products

20 July 2022
On 20 July 2022, the Cosun Nutrition Center will officially open as a knowledge center on nutritional science for plant-based food products from cooperative agrofood organisation Royal Cosun. The Cosun Nutrition Center is dedicated to all plant-based products and ingredients within Cosun, with a focus on nutrition, health and sustainability.

The opening of the Cosun Nutrition Center aligns with the new strategy Unlock 25, announced earlier this year. Cosun aims to grow internationally in those product segments that benefit the well-being of people and animals, as well as a more sustainable lifestyle.

Hans Meeuwis, CEO of Cosun, explains, “The design of the Cosun Nutrition Center aligns perfectly with our goal to play an active role in both dialogue and knowledge development in our priority areas. The center focuses on the full spectrum of our plant-based products within the organisation. This includes such new growth areas as proteins and fibres. The knowledge acquired over the years about sugar beets, potatoes, chicory, etc. and the nutritional aspects of these crops will also play a role in the Cosun Nutrition Center.”

“The center will participate in scientific research into plant-based food ingredients and make scientific knowledge available to organisations and professionals in the areas of food, health and sustainability,” says the Director of the Cosun Nutrition Center, Janine Verheesen. To facilitate this, the center is actively seeking dialogue and collaboration with knowledge partners, government agencies and interest organisations with a focus on nutrition and health.

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Ir. Andries Olie, Senior Manager of Nutrition, Health and Sustainability at the Cosun Nutrition Center – spokesperson. Contact Andries Olie.

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