New: Plant protein isolate with neutral taste

23 November 2021
At the FIE fair in Frankfurt (30 November to 2 December 2021), Cosun will, in line with its new strategy, introduce a promising, new product: A Protein Isolate from Fava bean. It’s produced climate-friendly, with a unique combination of properties, including neutral taste, high solubility and good nutritional value. “Fava Protein Isolate offers all the protein content and functionality needed to create a high quality consumer product.”

Although this project is in a pilot phase, the first commercial production of Fava protein isolate will take place in late Q1 2022. Marcel van der Vaart, Business Development Manager at Cosun, is inviting visitors to the FIE to taste it much earlier. Because taste is decisive for consumers, he says.

“The market demand for dairy alternatives has been growing for years but it has also been difficult to meet all consumer needs. The problem lies mainly in the fact that most plant proteins have the unfortunate reputation for having a beany, cardboard-like taste. More and more consumers want to eat plant-based products, but if the experience is unsatisfactory, they won’t buy them again. Taste really does come first.” With our Fava Protein Isolate, Cosun has developed a plant-based protein that tastes mild even at higher percentage dosing. “The test panels also perceived the mouthfeel as ‘soft’ and ‘creamy’. That allows the addition of larger amounts of protein to a product, which greatly benefits the nutritional value.”

Fava guarantees clean label

Fava’s test results show that the protein isolate not only tastes neutral, but also scores good with low viscosity and high solubility. This enhances the application space and enables vegan solutions in a broad range of products. Michiel Pronk, Sales Manager for Fava Protein Isolate: “Combining nutritional value, taste and stability in plant-based products without adding a significant amount of gums and stabilizers remains a challenge. Especially in sauces and dressings, where growth is lagging because it’s difficult to achieve a stable emulsion with plant proteins alone. With our Fava Protein Isolate we managed to deliver the functionality needed to make this emulsion without the need for additional stabilizers. ”

World-wide vegetable protein production is needed

As well as being proud of their innovation, Pronk and Van der Vaart are pleased that by introducing their Fava Protein Isolate, they can meet many consumer needs. With their sights set on the protein transition, they see this as sorely needed. “If we want to achieve the objectives of the European and National Protein Strategy, we must ensure that plant-based proteins become mainstream as soon as possible,” Van der Vaart explains. “Market demand is not the problem, it is generating sufficient supply, for which we need plant-based protein initiatives from all around the world. Given the urgency of the protein transition, Fava Protein Isolate is absolutely not a trial product: Cosun aims to produce the first full scale volumes – entirely produced and processed in Europe – in its launch year and to scale it up rapidly in the period thereafter.

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