Thanks to Groeikracht, we can continue to grow together

08 June 2021
In recent years, we have paid increasing attention to future-proof crops within various branches of our organisation. During discussions with growers and our colleagues at other Cosun companies, we have noticed that certain topics,  relating to profitability, the image and sustainability of crops, affect farmers across the board. To increase our clout and make our crops even more future-proof, farmers have joined forces together with Cosun companies and external partners, launching the ‘Groeikracht’ initiative.

Growers are facing all kinds of challenges, in terms of profitability, soil, plant health, biodiversity and societal appreciation. We are now working with these growers to make crops more future-proof. Cosun is using its network and clout for this, relying on its contacts with research institutions and government bodies while developing innovations.

“We can turn the tide by collaborating throughout the chain. Together we can guarantee future-proof, sustainable and profitable crops. Sustainable arable farming. Groeikracht combines the strengths of potato, sugar beet and chicory growers with Cosun’s strengths’, says Gert Sikken, Director Agro Development at Cosun.

Groeikracht focuses on three key areas. Firstly, it offers growers a platform to meet, both face to face and online, to get to know each other and exchange experiences and ideas. Within these aforementioned themes, we are implementing projects in the field, organising studies and implementing innovations, as part of our efforts to improve cultivation techniques and increase sustainability. The Groeikracht Farmers’ community will make an effort to share these positive stories about arable farming.

The first Groeikracht projects have since been launched. Expect to hear more from Groeikracht as we continue to implement many more activities in the near future. You can find further information about the projects and the Groeikracht initiative here:

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