Groeikracht Cosun: for all updates on our growers’ sustainable transition

31 March 2023
Groeikracht Cosun is for everyone working on profitable, future-proof cultivation. Through our agricultural services we have a network of 10,000 potato, sugar beet and chicory growers. Together, we can really make a difference.

As a knowledge network, Groeikracht is committed to working together on future-proof cultivation. The challenges in arable farming are becoming more urgent, and Groeikracht is constantly expanding its activities.

The festive opening of the first Inspiration Farm was held on 16 March. The Inspiration Farms are Groeikracht’s latest project, organising events with small groups of growers at various farms around the country. We bring them together to discuss the practical application of the latest techniques, to help them make the best possible choices for new steps towards the future.

Watch an impression of the opening of the first Inspiration Farm on Groeikracht’s channel:

Since recently, Groeikracht has its own social media channels. Curious about what sustainable steps Cosun growers are taking in the agricultural transition? Through Groeikracht, we keep everyone informed about new projects, online knowledge sessions, events and more. Our team is working hard to facilitate knowledge between growers and is constantly expanding the Groeikracht knowledge network.

For agricultural developments within Cosun, you can follow Groeikracht on LinkedIn, YouTube or Facebook. And of course you can always visit the Groeikracht website to learn more about the latest news and developments.


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