Cosun and JINC work together to improve job opportunities

08 February 2022
As of this week, Cosun is a partner of non-profit organization JINC, an organization that is committed to supporting youngsters in getting a good start in the labor market. By committing itself as a partner, Cosun can contribute to creating equal opportunities for Dutch youth. Together with JINC, Cosun introduces children living in Breda to the food chain and various roles within the company.

In the Netherlands, hundreds of thousands of children grow up in neighborhoods with few role models and a lot of poverty. Every child has talent, but children from these neighborhoods often have fewer opportunities to develop their talent. Since 2003, JINC has been supporting children and youth aged 8-16 who grow up in poverty and/or with a socio-economic disadvantage. Through JINC’s projects, they become acquainted with all kinds of professions, discover what type of work suits their talents, participate in workshops or do an internship. In Breda, currently approximately 1400 children and youngsters participate in a JINC project.

“In the Netherlands, 1 out of 9 children grows up in poverty. In Breda, this is no less that 11% of the total number of young people under the age of 18. Due to a limited picture of the labor market, fewer role models and a limited network, these children have less opportunities to discover and use their talents for a bright future. This is exactly why it’s so important to introduce these children to the challenging business world and the inspiring people who work there. We are very much looking forward to giving these children a good start on the labor market together with Royal Cosun.” says Nanda Slikkerveer, branch manager JINC Breda.

JINC works together with schools and various business partners. As of this week, Cosun will be one of those partners. And we are proud of that. “As a cooperative, we are at the heart of society and we believe in doing things together! But we are also aware of the fact that not everyone is automatically at the center of society or can start working together in the same way,” says Suzanne Jungjohann, CHRO at Cosun. “That is why we work together with JINC on inspiring and educational experiences for young people, to give extra support to those who need it. With this partnership, Cosun can really make a difference in the lives of participating youth.”

In 2022, Cosun will participate in the Baas van Morgen (Boss of Tomorrow), in which a student steps in the role of Hans Meeuwis, CEO Cosun, for a day. In this way, youngsters get a glimpse of the business world, they learn about different roles and their self-esteem gets a boost. JINC will also organize two short internships at Cosun this year to introduce youngsters to the food chain.

At Cosun, the Baas van Morgen will take place on 2 June 2022.

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