Healthier lifestyle

"A good balance through tasty and good food and more exercise."

Plantaardige voeding voor sporters

Good health and conscious enjoyment

With our plant-based products, we contribute to a sustainable lifestyle that balances health and enjoyment. A shift towards a more plant-based and less animal-based diet fits the current zeitgeist and is better for the environment and climate. Switching from fossil to plant-based raw materials, replacing for instance certain chemicals and plastics, is also part of a sustainable lifestyle.

Happy people, healthy earth

The Cosun Nutrition Center carries out research and gathers scientific information on plant-based nutrition in relation to health and sustainability. We look at how our plant-based foods and ingredients can help us meet the demand for a future-oriented lifestyle. The ultimate goal: happy people: healthy planet!

Progressing together

We are working together to realise tomorrow’s green lifestyle. Together with our growers on their farms; with our commercial and scientific partners in our innovation ecosystem and, of course, together with our customers. As part of our Unlock 25 strategy, we’re carrying out scientific and practical research into how to use the full potential of plants. We’re making products like shampoo more sustainable by replacing microplastics with functional ingredients from sugar beet, and we’re making healthier muffins with inulin from chicory.

In addition to helping achieve a healthy lifestyle, Cosun’s plant-based solutions are also contributing to protein transition, climate and circularity.

Read how:

Boost your gut flora
Fermented food and drinks are a growing phenomenon in stores across the world and profitability is increasing rapidly. The advantages of chicory fibre and fibre fermentation in the large intestines are increasingly being recognised as essential for human health.
Boost your gut flora